Centerfield Insurance Services

How a top Allstate agent used Centerfield Insurance Services to expand her business.

Agent Lisa Faina credits Centerfield Insurance Services (formerly Datalot) in expanding her office to double producer capacity.

A Top Producing Allstate Agent

Lisa Faina has a distinguished career of over 20 years and won multiple awards. When she wanted to grow and take her agency to the next level, she tried numerous marketing services. In the end, it is Centerfield Insurance Services (formerly Datalot), calls that provide her the consistency and quality to meet her agency’s needs. After embracing Centerfield Insurance Services (formerly Datalot), last year, she is currently working to expand her office to double her producer capacity.

Results with Centerfield Insurance Services (formerly Datalot)
  • 42% Growth over last year despite tougher market
  • Expanding office to accommodate 3 new producers
  • Close rate explodes from 10-12% to 20%
  • Multi-Policy attachment rate is one of the best in her region
  • Her agents are producing more deals than ever before
Datalot changed the game for calls. When producers see it’s a Datalot call coming in, they dive for the phone. The energy is great!

Lisa Faina, Allstate Agent


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